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We are fundraising to change lives and our nation's security

According to Raytheon, 2 out of 3 students do not realize cybersecurity is a career option. At CyberUp, we are preparing the workforce of tomorrow through youth outreach and education. Our program philosophy is simple: engage students early and often. We believe by introducing children to cybersecurity in K-12, students will be equipped to protect themselves online and more likely to pursue a STEM career or higher education.

We regularly speak at career fairs and other events hosted by schools and nonprofit partners to advocate the importance of cybersecurity. These talks often include demos of how easy it is to collect data through the use of public access WiFi. We also introduce students to various cybersecurity career options, including traditional two and four year programs as well as non-traditional programs like certification boot camps and apprenticeships.

If we make the right investments in our cybersecurity talent (young and old), our region will be well positioned to become a national leader in cybersecurity and model for other cities across our country.

Will you invest in our mission to empower more youth to excel?